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My five favorite travel and adventure magazines.

It's going to be a while before we can do any serious adventuring, so while I'm inside tuning up and trying out my new bikepacking set up, I've been spending some time flipping through these magazines for daydream inspiration.

Adventure Journal is an online magazine devoted to outdoor adventure in all its forms. The website has a blogs devoted to bike travel, overlanding (4 wheel drive capable travel/camping), and a gear blog for some hopeful-future purchases.

The Explorers Club is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of field exploration and scientific inquiry. From vast ocean depths to the frontiers of outer space, The Explorer's Journal offers first-hand reporting from those pushing the limits of knowledge and human endurance.

Think National Geographic, but fit for your coffee table instead of stacked in boxes in your dad's basement.

Sidetracked is a magazine featuring a collection of personal stories of adventure travel, exploration, journeys and expeditions. The stories capture the emotion and experience of adventures and expeditions throughout the world and will hopefully inspire your own.

Ernest is a journal for enquiring minds. It's made for those who value surprising and meandering journeys, fuelled by curiosity rather than adrenaline, and guided by chance encounters. It is a repository for wild ideas, curious artefacts and genuine oddities, replete with tales of pioneers, invention and human obsession. 

Ernest values honesty, integrity and down-to-earth storytelling - and a good, long read now and then.

Another Escape is a lifestyle journal for those who love the outdoors, telling stories of passionate people inspired by nature. They encourage people to connect with the natural world in meaningful ways so they may become active stewards of our planet.