Beijing is a city with a history as colorful and vibrant as its culture. It is a city of ancient palaces and monuments, modern skyscrapers and markets, and a food scene that will tantalize every taste bud. Here, you can explore the Forbidden City with its grand halls and temples, make a wish atop the Great Wall, or take a stroll through the bustling night markets. Beijing is a city of unfathomable history, culture, and charm – an experience you won't soon forget.

  • SIZE - Beijing China patch is 3” tall x 2.25" wide 
  • HIGH QUALITY - 3D embroidery you can see and feel
  • IRON ON BACKING - Strong glue and very easy to attach (how to iron on patches)
  • MAKE GREAT GIFTS - Patch comes attached to a decorative postcard
  • ALSO AVAILABLE - Beijing sticker
  • GREAT REVIEWS - Over 2,000 5 star reviews!
  • FREE DELIVERY - Free delivery with tracking over 4 items

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