The city of Prague is a fairytale-like destination that captivates all who visit. The architecture is a stunning blend of Gothic and Baroque, from the iconic Charles Bridge to the magnificent Prague Castle. As you wander the cobbled streets, you will be enveloped in history, romance, and culture. From cozy cafés and bustling markets to world-class galleries and opera houses, Prague has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or a thrilling adventure, Prague is the perfect place to explore and create lasting memories.

  • SIZE - Prague sticker is 3” tall x 2" wide
  • HIGH QUALITY - Made with strong weatherproof matte vinyl
  • WEATHERPROOF - Washable stickers, great for water bottles, laptops, phone cases, etc.
  • MAKE GREAT GIFTS - Sticker comes attached to a decorative postcard
  • ALSO AVAILABLEPrague patch
  • GREAT REVIEWS - Over 2,000 5 star reviews!
  • FREE DELIVERY - Free delivery with tracking over 4 items

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